Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Colors by Llarowe - Chasing A Unicorn (spoiler: haven't found it yet)

So, everyone on the internet was all freaked out by Colors by Llarowe's Chasing A Unicorn which is supposed to be the closest thing to a white holographic yet. Note that this is called Chasing A Unicorn... we still haven't found it. This polish is totally underwhelming, I'm sad to say.

It comes with a "color correcting base" and then a separate bottle with a white holo. The base is a streaky mess and if  you apply too many coats, it affects the white holo top. Two coats of base seems to be the general consensus for the best effect but it was super streaky and thin at two coats. I then applied one coat of the Chasing A Unicorn holo. Meh, it's okay. It's pretty white and definitely not grey like many holo toppers but the holo is so weak and it just lays flat except in bright light. And, even then, it's kind of a non-event. 

Bottom Line: CbL Chasing A Unicorn is too much work for a totally underwhelming result. Definitely not worth the $24 CAD I paid for it.

Keep chasing that unicorn, nail poish friends. Maybe one day we'll find it.

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