Friday, May 20, 2016

Ever After Polish - First Frost

If you've followed our blog for more than a few posts then it should be strikingly obvious that WE LOVE COLOUR. The brighter the better is generally my philosophy when it comes to nail polish. That being said, a nice neutral colour for the nails can be a welcome change.

BUT, with that said... I don't want just any neutral polish. Well my friends, Ever After First Frost is not just any polish. This is a stunning holographic pink-leaning nude that has beautiful twinkling microglitter to keep you mesmerized as you stare at your nails. I am wearing 2 coats on my super short nails so I would imagine most people needing 3. I, however, liked it soft and sheerish at 2 coats. I love the Ever After formula and this wore really well for a week. Being a nude, tip wear didn't show but there was barely any in the first place. So yay!

Here comes the bad news... First Frost was a box exclusive from December 2015. I actually bought the entire box for this polish because I knew I needed it THAT badly. Normally when it comes to boxes, I really need to love all of them in order to make the sale but this polish was too pretty to pass up. And of course the other polishes are gorgeous too but First Frost was the belle of the ball in my humble opinion.

While First Frost was exclusive to the Spread Indie Love Box, you can purchase other Ever After polishes online. Follow Ever After on Instagram and Facebook or join the Polishes Princesses Ever After Fan group.