Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chaos & Crocodiles - Pony In A Party Hat

Chaos & Crocodiles is one of those elusive brands which, thankfully for my wallet, releases new (and old) polishes rather infrequently. One of the most recent releases from Chaos & Crocodiles is Pony In A Party Hat which is an ULTRA linear light purple holographic polish. 

This baby is SMOOTH. Pony In A Party Hat applies flawlessly in two coats. I am wearing top coat and it didn't dull the holo thankfully! This polish wears like iron and I had it on for about a week. What I really, really love about this polish is how awesome it looks in the shade (see below). It almost glows. It's totally amazing and very rarely do I love a holo in the shade as much as I love it in direct sun. Good on you, Chaos & Crocodiles!

If you are able to grab this polish, do it ASAP. I love it so much and will wear it again again and again and again.

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