Monday, October 24, 2016

Emily de Molly Hella Holo Customs - Iridescent Skies, Four Weddings and a Manicure + Desert Rose

A trio of gorgeous polishes from Emily de Molly is what you can feast your eyes on today! I don't usually post multiple polishes in one post but I like to keep you all on your toes. These three polishes come all the way from Australia and were made by Emily de Molly for Hella Holo Customs in June (I think). Can you guess which one of these was my favorite? I think my favorite might surprise you! Onto the polishes...

First up is Four Weddings and a Manicure, a greige/champagne linear holo with microglitters and pinky/purple shimmer. It's so complex and elegant and perfect for those of you who don't like in-your-face polishes. This packs a punch in the classiest way. Three thin coats plus top coat.

Second is Iridescent Skies, a light purple holo/shimmer hybrid that is SUPER sparkly and shifty. This polish flashes green and pink and even blue. It's hard to capture all the faces of this beauty but I tried. Three thin coats plus top coat.

Finally we have Desert Rose which is a super shimmery coral holo with strong gold flashes. This was a little thicker than Iridescent Skies but was similar insofar as it's a shimmer with holo but first and foremost super shimmery. Two coats plus top coat. 

So... which was my favorite? If you picked Four Weddings and a Manicure then you are correct! The formula and finish really stole the show for me. 

To join Hella Holo Customs, Alternatively, you can email your Facebook account details (i.e. name and profile link) to hellaholocustomercare(AT) and Dawn (who manages the group) will set you up so you can purchase lovely polishes like these.

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