Monday, November 7, 2016

KBShimmer - Let's Slang {Polish Con Chicago 2016 Exlcusive}

Unicorn Pee... so elusive, so beautiful. You can learn more about it from Simply Nailogical if you're so inclined. Basically it's a super shimmery, complex pigment that is now discontinued but sometimes nail polish makers get their hands on it and make beautiful things like this polish from KBShimmer. Let's Slang was a exclusive to Polish Con Chicago 2016 and I was lucky enough to have a nail buddy bring me back a bottle from Chicago! There is no other way of getting this polish so you will probably have to stalk blog sales and Facebook resale groups to get yourself a bottle.

I am wearing 3 thin coats plus top coat. The brush on this was a little weird to work with but it got the job done. I also found that the formula was not the easiest to work with but, again, I got the job done. I love how rich and juicy this polish is! I was hoping that the Pee would be more visible in this polish on the nail but sadly it wasn't. It still looks gorgeous but it didn't blow my socks off. It takes a lot for a polish to do that these days. I've seen it all, folks!

Now this song is in my head: M.I.A. Pull Up the People

You can purchase KBShimmer online at Harlow & Co.
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