Friday, July 21, 2017

Cupcake Polish - Highlight It Up {The Holo Hookup February 2017}

If I can wear a nail polish for a week without tiring of it, I know it's a keeper. While I do consider myself a bit of a hoarder when it comes to nail polish, I am rather ruthless when it comes to critically assessing my stash and purging what I am unlikely to wear for a second time. 

As you will be able to see from the myriad of images in this post, Highlight It Up is a bit of a chameleon because of the metallic and holographic makeup of this polish. It's a super pretty, almost white linear holographic polish in the sunshine and in the shade, the metallic nature really shows as does the shimmer.

Cupcake Polish Highlight It Up is a dainty metallic linear pink/lilac linear holographic polish with pale pink (maybe pale lilac?) shimmer. See what I'm talking about in the sunshine? It's almost blinding in the politest way possible. I can imagine this being a wedding polish for those who are so inclined. It would also be very work appropriate. 

I love how Cupcake Polish took the inspiration of highlighter and turned it into a nail polish. I would much rather wear highlighter on my nails than my face. I don't wear foundation/concealer/blush so it looks a little weird if I ever do wear it on my upper cheekbones. I'm more of a mascara and eyeliner with the occasional eyeshadow look kind of person. But the translation of the inspiration into a polish is just perfect.

What I love about The Holo Hookup, month after month, polish after polish, is how innovative the creations are. And every brand involved BRINGS THE CREATIVITY. It's so hard to resist.

I know this polish was from February but I would suggest you try your luck in a resale group to see if someone has a bottle for sale. If you like light holos or are looking for a near white holo, this is for you. It isn't a white and it's not claiming to be but it's so much more that you could even dream of. Totally ethereal and whimsical.

You can purchase The Holo Hookup box here from the 21-28 of each month. Stay up to date by following The Holo Hookup on Facebook

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM

Girly Bits has become a flakie maven. This is the second half of the January 2017 CoTM duo; the first half was Girly Bits In One Year and Out the Other which I shared a while ago on the blog. The duo is fan-flakie-tastic and I finally had a chance to wear the second half, Steely Resolution.

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM nail polish

Steely Resolution is a taupe brown/grey portabella mushroom holo, with added holographic sparkle and UCC flakes that shift from hot pink to violet to gold. Let me tell you, these flakies are magical. I was concerned I wouldn't love this polish out of the bottle but it's truly fantastic on the nail. I am wearing 2 coats and top coat. The application is buttery smooth and the flakies lay very flat.

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM

The holo in this particular polish is really special. Maybe it's the holographic sparkle but it is very shifty and rainbow-y. There is no indication that there is shimmer in this polish but it has a shimmer-like quality to it that makes it extra special.

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM

I love the varied sizes of flakies in this polish. Some are really tiny and once in a while you get a larger flakie which is fun. That might not be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it. You can see the larger flakies in my close-up shots.

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM

So, yet again I am THOROUGHLY impressed by Girly Bits' CoTM offering even if it was from January. It's still available from Harlow & Co. if you missed it!

Girly Bits Steely Resolution January 2017 CoTM

Girly Bits polishes are available here.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Glisten & Glow - A Little More Altitude {The Holo Hookup April 2017}

Glisten & Glow A Little More Altitude The Holo Hookup box

Pardon the deep breathing. I'm still hyperventilating over this Glisten & Glow polish from the April 2017 Holo Hookup box. The polishes in this April box were themed around Bucket Lists and the maker behind Glisten & Glow, Jill, chose mountain climbing. I have a growing bucket list. There's nothing too wild like mountain climbing on it. I just decided this past weekend that I want to ride the Whirlpool Aero Car across the Niagara Whirlpools. I will probably have my eyes closed the whole time but I would like to try it out. YOLO and stuff, right?

Glisten & Glow A Little More Altitude The Holo Hookup

A Little More Altitude is a light lilac linear holographic with flashes of blue and purple shimmers and a dazzle of silver holo micro glitters. It's is SO. FREAKING. SPARKLY. I have always been a fan of lilac holos ever since I tried Enchanted Polish Love the Way You Lilac back in 2013. This is a lilac holo on steroids though - the sparkle and shimmers are out of this world. It's definitely my favorite Glisten & Glow to date.

Glisten & Glow A Little More Altitude The Holo Hookup

I am wearing 2 easy coats plus 2 layers of top coat. The one downside to this polish, which is by no means a deal breaker, is that it's a bit gritty from all the microglitters. I'm being a bit of a princess about that but it's so perfect in every other respect that I wanted it to be 110% perfect in every single way. This is more about my own expectations than the polish. I used to wear super chunky glitters all the time but now I hate those and begrudge wearing more than one coat of top coat. Life's hard, I know.

Glisten & Glow A Little More Altitude The Holo Hookup

This is a magical nail polish fit for a unicorn and I'm in love with it. I will wear it again and again until the bottle is used up and I cry because it was LE and I can't find a replacement. Sometimes that happens. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you find yourself a bottle and wear the crap out of it.

Glisten & Glow A Little More Altitude The Holo Hookup

The glitters are practically JUMPING OFF MY NAIL. Can you see it?! I feel like there is some iridescence in the polish but maybe that's just the way the shimmers and microglitters play together or maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me. At any rate, I'm obsessed and a massive fan. Every time I try a new Glisten & Glow polish, I fall more deeply in love with Jill's creations.

Glisten & Glow A Little More Altitude The Holo Hookup

You can purchase The Holo Hookup box here from the 21-28 of each month. Stay up to date by following The Holo Hookup on Facebook

Monday, July 17, 2017

My Indie Expo Canada Nail Polish Haul - A Macro Look!

Indie Expo Canada Nail Polish Haul

How was Indie Expo so long ago? Here we are in the middle of July and the Summer is whizzing by. I've have naked nails for far too long but I'd just rather spend my time outside than inside painting them. All of the polishes I got at Indie Expo Canada in Toronto were very photogenic so I thought I would take some macros and share them with you all! Some of these were purchased at the event and some others were in the VIP bag.

First up is Girly Bits Freeze Frame. I was SO EXCITED to find this because Girly Bits put out a few one-offs and box exclusives. Freeze Frame was from the Indies Outside the Box and I have been looking for this FOR MONTHS! It was meant to be because I left the Expo to grab some lunch and then thought to myself... I should go back in for one last look before heading home. I visited the Girly Bits table again and THERE IT WAS. An IEC miracle, no less.

Girly Bits Mystery Pack Prototype

When I found Freeze Frame, I also spotted this Girly Bits prototype polish. It's a really beautiful golden caramel brown with purple iridescent glitters. I imagine this will be sheer but will build beautifully. I'm super pumped to try this one out especially in the Fall.

Girly Bits The Red Rocket Exclusive

Girly Bits The Red Rocket was the IEC Toronto Exclusive polish meaning it was only available at the event. It's a beautiful shimmery metallic red polish that I am excited to finally wear one day soon.

Girly Bits Lost on the PATH

Girly Bits Lost on the PATH is a really unique shimmery holo flakie hybrid and it's still available for purchase! Lost on the PATH is a deep blurple (blue/purple) shade with a strong gold shifty shimmer and silver holo flakes.

Girly Bits Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya (CoTM May 2017)

Girly Bits Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya (CoTM May 2017) is a really unique polish yet again from genius Pam. Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya is a sparkling purple scattered holographic with amazing holo flakes, a lovely pink flash of shimmer and pink flakes, and purple flakes. The second half of this duo was Because I Said So.

Girly Bits Shift Happens

Girly Bits Shift Happens is a polish I have reviewed and worn before, many moons ago on this blog. It was in the original bottle too! How cute :) I sold it a few years ago but a few bottles were available at IEC so I grabbed one. I purged it in a mood when I wanted to get rid of everything but the regret settled back in shortly thereafter. Shift Happens is made of the fated Unicorn Pee - it is a dramatic colour shifing topper in a sheer red-purple base. I'm excited to try this over lots of different bases.

Girly Bits Sugar Beach IEC

Girly Bits Sugar Beach is another IEC Toronto Limited Edition... and it's still available! Sugar Beach is a sparkling holographic with strong pink to gold shimmer, pink micro glitter, and pink-purple-blue UCC flakes, inspired by Sugar Beach in Toronto. This one is pretty awesome and I need to wear it really soon. I need to get my sh*t together and paint my nails :P

Girly Bits What the Hell Was I Thinking? June 2017 COTM

This one might look familiar because I have already reviewed it on the blog here; it is Girly Bits What the Hell Was I Thinking? part of the June 2017 CoTM.

Girly Bits Let's Do This Again! COTM June 2017

Previously reviewed here on my blog, this is Let's Do This Again! AND I'm giving away the June CoTM duo on Instagram so hop to it!

Colors by Llarowe Can We Have Trudeau?

I haven't worn a Colors by Llarowe in A LONG TIME so I thought I would check them out again and I am so impressed (still, again). This is Can We Have Trudeau? which is hilarious and beautiful. Can We Have Trudeau? is a deep black with holo prismatic flakes. I am excited to wear this - I sound like a broken record!

Ever After Polish License to Lacquer

An IEC Toronto LE from Ever After Polish... License to Lacquer is a blue duochrome that shifts from teal to royal blue to indigo/purple with scattered holo and silver shimmer. So pretteh!

Ever After Minty Me

These next two might be familiar to you because I've already shown them on here. This first bottle is Ever After Minty Me.

Tonic Polish One Million Flowers

Aaaaaand Tonic Polish One Million Flowers. The release date on these is still TBA but they're coming!

Tonic Polish Taking on Toronto

Tonic Polish Taking on Toronto is a fun brown holo but it's described as a gunmetal grey holo with pink/gold shifting shimmer, ultra holo micro glitters and color shifting flakies. I think my eyes are off but it's gorgeous no matter what you call it!

Alter Ego Generous Beauty

Lastly is Alter Ego Generous Beauty from the VIP bag which is a really pretty teal shimmer with holo flakies. The name was inspired by Pam, the woman behind Girly Bits and it's perfectly fitting.

All items purchased by me.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Girly Bits Nail Polish Giveaway {Ends August 6, 2017 - US/Canada}

Girly Bits Giveaway

I'm hosting an easy giveaway on Instagram! Click here to enter; it only involves a few simple steps which are all listed in the post. You have the chance to win the gorgeous Girly Bits June 2017 CoTM duo which I reviewed here. The contest is open to anyone with a Canadian or US address to which I can send the prize. I haven't hosted a giveaway in a long time so I thought it was about time to share the love with my followers. Thank you to Pam from Girly Bits Cosmetics for sending the polishes to give away. 

Giveaway Rules:
- Must be following me @streetsaheadstyle and @girlybitscosmetics to enter and must like this photo
- Repost this photo with hashtag #streetsaheadwin and tag 2 friend's Instagram accounts
- Canada/US addresses only (mules are okay) and I am not responsible for the package once I send you proof that it was mailed
- Must be 18 years of age or older
- 1 entry per person
- Public accounts only. NO GIVEAWAY ACCOUNTS. The most recent 2 photos have to be your original content!
- COMMENT ON THIS ENTRY that you have entered
- Ends 8.6.17
Thank you so much for participating and good luck!

What the Hell Was I Thinking?: a predominantly berry leaning with a pink to gold shift and a generous helping of holo micro flakes.

Let's Do This Again!: a very light chartreuse holo with a prominent pink shimmer.

Girly Bits polishes are available here
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

I love seeing innovative things in the nail world and one such example is the Polish Pickup. Polish Pickup offers a fun, interactive experience that allows you to submit theme ideas, vote for your favorite theme, and selectively purchase your favorite polishes every month. The inaugural Polish Pickup theme was Works of Art and Darling Diva Krasivaya is from the initial set of polishes in April 2017.

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

Darling Diva Polish's contribution to April's Polish Pickup is Krasivaya which means "beautiful" in Russian. I think, to this point, Darling Diva has contributed to every Polish Pickup. Some brands rotate in and out and others are more regular.

Carrie, the maker of Darling Diva said the following about Krasivaya: "My inspiration was the delicate and beautiful Faberge egg made in 1898 called Lilies of the Valley. I wanted my polish to be a delicate shift from pink through gold and a pale green with a dazzling linear holo. Top coat is recommended but not required. A good top coat can let that holo and the color shift really pop!"

What a gorgeous piece of inspiration for this polish. You really do get a sense of the pink from the base of the egg and the gold from the legs. I didn't see too much green in the shift. The colours which stood out most were pink, gold, copper and even some purple/blue. The holo in this was really nice and yet the polish was still beautiful when not in direct light. I love when a polish can be beautiful as a holo in direct light but also when not in direct light. The shift helps with that in a big way.

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

This polish is oddly neutral considering it's got so much going on. I wore two coats plus top coat and when I wasn't in direct light, this polish was very subdued. The formula was okay - it was kind of sticky if that makes sense. I had to be careful when applying it because I think it was a tad too thick for my preference. I probably should have thinned it in hindsight. 

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

I think Darling Diva Krasivaya was a really unique and impactful take on the Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg for the Works of Art Polish Pickup. I bought a few others from this release and have those to share in the future. It will probably be months from now because they haven't yet been swatched and I'm already backlogged by at least a month :P I'm a busy lady and now that it's summer, I want to spend every second outside even if it means being eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

How does the Polish Pickup work?

Theme examples: flowers, butterflies, a movie, a TV show, a musical group.

Organizers will choose the top 10 theme submissions and the fan group will vote on their favorite.
Please note that you will be voting for a theme that will be released 2 months later. Example: Voting for May's theme/release will take place in March.

You can pick which polishes you would like to purchase from the previously chosen theme. There is no box commitment. Purchase one or purchase them all! Shipping will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Darling Diva Krasivaya Polish Pickup April 2017

You can purchase Polish Pickup items here during the designated times of each month.
Follow Polish Pickup on Instagram and join the Facebook group Polish Pickup Pack to get sneak peeks.

Shop Darling Diva Polish online.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara {Review}

Lancôme Canada New Monsieur Big Mascara ChickAdvisor

I was recently sent the New Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara to try courtesy of ChickAdvisor. Monsieur Big is an all-new mascara that promises voluminous lashes without clumps, smudges. I am a mascara junkie and I know when a mascara is good. I also know when a mascara is bad. Ladies and gentlemen, the Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara is VERY, VERY, VERY good. 

Lancôme Canada New Monsieur Big Mascara ChickAdvisor

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

KBShimmer - Shoe the Blues Away {Hella Holo Customs}

I am so excited to share this blue holo with all of you lovely readers! It's is blue perfection and I am obsessssssed with it. KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away was/is a Hella Holo Customs exclusive from February 2017. How the heck is it already July?! This year is flying by but better late than never. If you're lucky, you can find this second hand. If you like blue, I HIGHLY recommend buying this if you see it available secondhand.  

KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away Hella Holo Customs

From the KBShimmer website: "Based on the glittery shoe, Shoe The Blues Away is a vibrant cobalt blue shade is super holographic, with the holo pigment adding pops of lighter aqua against the deep blue color. This polish almost has a inner glow in some lighting, with the way the holo shows.  2 coats recommended."

KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away Hella Holo Customs

I can DEFINITELY see the glow! This is a special kind of holo. It's somehow different than the usual formula in the best possible way. It glides over the nail like honey and it reaches perfection in two coats. While it's possible to wear this in one coat I recommend two, as does KBShimmer. I also recommend top coat to make sure it's extra shiny and lasts a long time - you will want this to LAST!

KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away Hella Holo Customs

The following information from KBShimmer gives a bit more information about Shoe the Blues Away... 
Type: Linear Holo
Glitter Load: Medium
Glitter Size: Micro
Recommended Coats: 2 Coats
Notes: As some blues do, this can have a slight funk out of the bottle. One dry and covered with top coat, you will no longer smell the funk.  For best results follow with a quick dry top coat.

KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away Hella Holo Customs

I know direct light is what everyone craves when they wear a holo, but I personally love this polish most when it's NOT in direct light. There's something so serene and soothing about this shade of blue. I absolutely love the finish on KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away. It's in my top 5 blue polishes for sure, along with BEGL Deep Blue Dream.

KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away Hella Holo Customs

I captured one look at the nails with flash and it shows off the aqua. This nail polish makes me anything BUT blue. It's like a tall drink of water for your nails. Definitely seek this out if you love blues like I do. Or perhaps you already purchased it and haven't tried it yet. At any rate, I love this lacquer!

KBShimmer Shoe the Blues Away Hella Holo Customs

This KBShimmer was only available to purchase if you were a member of the Hella Holo Customs Facebook group. You can join here and stay updated on other collaborations in the future.