Saturday, January 7, 2017

Girly Bits - What Happens in Vegas Ends Up on Facebook (2014 Version)

A few weeks ago I was craving a more sophisticated polish for my nails so I grabbed Girly Bits What Happens in Vegas Ends Up on Facebook which, I realize, for some, might be FAR from sophisticated. However, I find the mauve-y base to be rather classy even with the holo and iridescent glitters. This is the second release of WHIVEUOF so it's slightly different then the original release in 2013 but gorgeous nonetheless.

I am wearing 2 coats plus top coat. This needs a top coat as it dries ever so slightly textured. I love a smooth glassy finish on my nails so top coat is pretty much always a MUST. Yet another AMAZING Girly Bits polish. It's no longer available as it was Limited Edition but you can often find it second hand, like I did :)

Girly Bits polishes are available here. Follow Girly Bits on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. I think I got this 2nd hand as well, but not cheaply....but it's so pretty!! :)

  2. It's sooooo pretty!!