Sunday, January 29, 2017

KBShimmer - Office Space Collection {well, part of it}

I recently won 4 of the 8 polishes in the KBShimmer Office Space Collection from a nail NailItLovely. I thought I'd swatch the 4 she sent me even though these polishes are far more conservative than the usual colours you see on our blog.

Cubicle Pusher is a really nice muted eggplant holo. The holo isn't too intense but it looks really pretty. The formula on Cubicle Pusher was definitely the best out of the 4 I tried. No top coat.

Makin' Copies is an almost white holo. It's pretty much the closest you'll get to a white holo since I think that's an impossible feat. The formula was kind of streaky at 3 coats plus top coat. That bummed me out a little bit. 

Next is A Hint of Manilla which is a jelly nude base with holo microglitter. It's alright... I'm not sure if my application was off but it took 2 coats and the polish was pretty thick. 

Lastly, because I really did not like this one, is Supplies Party. This is a weird polish in application and appearance. I really didn't like it but I know many others do so maybe I'm a weirdo! 

Overall, of all the polishes I tried from this collection, I liked Cubicle Pusher best because the formula was GORGEOUS and it looks nice. I really want to like Makin Copies but it's just a bit too streaky for my liking. I will try it again and see if I have better luck!

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