Friday, February 3, 2017

Enchanted Polish - Olive the Other Reindeer

And the nail swap saga continues today with Enchanted Polish Olive the Other Reindeer. I wouldn't say I had any particular lemming for this particular Enchanted Polish but when Natalie and I decided to do a swap, I thought what the heck... was I ever pleasantly surprised! Olive the Other Reindeer is so gorgeous as it's bronze and green and gold all at once. It's hard to describe it but I think I captured it pretty well here.

Wearing this Enchated Polish made me nostalgic for the earlier days of indie mania. Enchanted Polish was creating such gorgeous, perfectly formulated holos that really excited me (and everyone else for that matter). While there are tons more indie brands out there now, I don't feel the same nostalgia as for the earlier days of Enchated Polish, Cult Nails, Rescue Beauty Lounge... *sigh*. 

Follow our swap on Natalie's Instagram with #natcatswap.

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