Thursday, September 21, 2017

Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan Polish Pickup June 2017 Nail Polish Review

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all my internet (and real world) friends for expressing their concern and love regarding my heart post. I am feeling better this week mentally and will do what I need to do in order to stay here - I've got too many polishes to swatch to die anytime soon (there's my dark sense of humor)! Today I am sharing a polish that is no longer available but too beautiful to not share and it's a new-to-me brand: Envy Lacquer.

Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan Polish Pickup

Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan is "a purple leaning blurple base with multi-chrome flakies and linear holo." There's so much going on in this polish and it looks totally awesome on the nail. This was exclusive to the Polish Pickup in June for the Under the Sea theme so it's no longer available except maybe second hand... if you're lucky. 

Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan Polish Pickup

Some notes on my experience with Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan: I wasn't in love about the formula. I used three coats plus top coat. The finish was smooth but tended to get patchy in parts during application which is why I went with three coats. However, three coats was really thick on the nail. It wasn't gritty and it dried very shiny but I wish the application had been a bit easier. I think I would try it again with thinner and see how that goes. 

Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan Polish Pickup

But, all issues aside (and they were pretty minimal), this polish ROCKS! Look at that gorgeous combination of glitter and flakies and shimmer! I couldn't capture the shifty iridescent glitters on the nail but they're in the bottle as you can see above. This polish is very unique and I would put up with the application troubles just because this is so pretty. 

Envy Lacquer Rainbow Acan Polish Pickup

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