I'm a self-proclaimed nail polish addict and this is my diary where I share with the world my swatches and reviews. I love trying new beauty products and reviewing the latest and greatest. 

This is the blog of two sisters who, after admiring many wonderful beauty and style blogs for quite some time, thought they'd give it a go themselves. It's mostly just Caitlin (big sister) blogging these days but Riley might pop her head in once and a while. 

Streets Ahead Style a fun space where we show you the products we’re interested in, whether nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, jewelry, clothing, etc. Plus, any helpful tidbits of information that go along with those products. We are Canadian Beauty Bloggers and part of the CBB Network.

The inspiration for the name "Streets Ahead Style" comes from an episode of the once-hilarious TV show Community. This should help you out.

Stay streets ahead, 
Caitlin Gladney (& sometimes Riley Rose)