Sleek MakeUP Acid Palette

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's another Sleek MakeUP palette: the iDivine Acid Palette. It has a pretty rad name and the colours are just as rad! This palette is definitely not for the faint of heart ;)

Eek!! My nails look scary long here.

Well, I take that back. There are some extreme colours (I'm looking at you neon orange and yellow) but many of the colours are quite wearable such as the far right section. Also all of the colours can be made more wearable by the addition of the black. 

The newer version of this palette no longer has the grid-like pattern but a smooth top instead. In case any reference to graphs or mathematics freaks you out as much as it does me. Hehehe.

Similar to the Dark Matte palette, the pigmentation is quite good and the texture fairly smooth if only a little chalky. 

There is a mix of shimmers and mattes where the deep magenta, blues, and grey are shimmery. I do find the black causes a lot of fall down so watch out for that when doing your makeup.

This tutorial is the reason I bought the palette in the first place - it's like summer on your eyelids and I just couldn't resist!!

I purchased my palette on Ebay. I love this palette and I've never looked back since purchasing it :)

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