Urban Decay Peace

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Urban Decay's Deluxe Eye Shadow in Peace is a beautiful... I'm going to say deep aquamarine blue.

Best part? It's on sale!! 6 bucks down from $18!
There are five other colours left and they're all absolutely gorgeous!

Although sales are good that's not the best part. hehe

It actually feels deluxe! They aren't just tacking that word on, they mean it.

It's buttery and smooth and a delight to apply.

Plus, it comes with a pretty substantial mirror for a single eye shadow. 

I'm so pleased with this shadow, can you tell?

Oooh it's like a wonderful sea of eye shadow.

Peace is a shimmery eye shadow but no glitter. That's how I prefer my eye shadows, honestly. I'm not big on glitter, I just love a nice sheen. And that's what this eye shadow supplies.

Go get ya some! ;)

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