ORLY Melodious Utopia

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Melodious Utopia by ORLY is a beautifully soft canary yellow with flecks of pink shimmer. It's a lovely polish that applies easily in 2 coats (though I used 3 for the pictures). This polish is from the Spring 2013 Hope and Freedom Collection, inspired by music festivals and hippie culture. I was lucky enough to find this a week or so ago at a Sally Beauty Supply for $5! A steal indeed. While I certainly LOVE this colour and formula, this polish stains nails like no other (except maybe another ORLY... I'm looking at you Buried Alive). I wore this on my nails for 3 days with a base coat and after a week they are still severely stained. You've been warned! I might layer it over a white or other pale yellow to avoid the unpleasantries of staining. While I love ORLY (and this polish in particular), I find that their polishes have a tendency to stain more than other comparable polish brands.   

Also, this polish name really speaks to me. Maybe it's because the use of "utopia" reminds me of one of my favorite books Cruising Utopia by José Esteban Muñoz (I'm a grad student and I also love theory).

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