Happy Hands Nail Polish Metal Heart

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I have a huge soft spot for pink. Pink shoes, pink dresses, pink hair, pink, pink, pink. It goes without saying that I love pink nail polish. I like it bright, soft, purple-y, glittery, any way! Happy Hands Metal Heart provides the perfect pink polish with the gorgeous addition of black and white hexes and squares plus an incredible purple-y-blue micro-shimmer throughout. I first saw this polish on Spaz & Squee where she mentioned that it reminded her of rock star barbie. That couldn't be more accurate! This polish is punk-rock prettiness for your nails. 

This polish is a jelly so I used 3 coats to build it up to where I wanted it. While you could layer it, preferably over another jelly, I would still recommend at least 2 coats so you create enough depth to see the black and pink and shimmer jelly/layer together. I really do love this polish so much! It might be one of my favourites. When I wear it again I will try it over 1 or 2 coats of OPI Houston We Have A Purple because that polish is also a lovely magenta jelly. 

Happy Hands is currently celebrating their Birthday so check out their links below for coupon codes and festivities. 

All pictures show 3 coats of Happy Hands Nail Polish with top coat. 

Happy Hands links:  Shop // Facebook // IG 


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