ORLY Androgynie

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sometimes there is nothing more chic and classic than an all-black manicure. I think everyone has their classic color that they always go back to.  For me, it's black nail polish. However, I can't leave good enough alone so I always look for black polishes with that little something extra to them. Take ORLY Androgynie. It's a black polish with color-shifting hex and micro glitters. I absolutely LOVE it! Lots of nail bloggers have criticized this polish for not looking as good as it does in the bottle but I personally love it! I also love the texture that the polish has sans top coat, as I have shown in the pictures below. I could wear this polish for days and not tire of it - it's edgy, unique, and the name is all kinds of awesome! Wear it with some black and white stripes, a studded denim vest and you'll feel as though you can take on the world! 

Skull hair bow purchased from ArteDeMiFamilia (though it was 2+ years ago!).

All pictures show 2 coats of ORLY Androgynie without top coat.

Rock On!

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