Friday, September 20, 2013

Fantastic Fridays - Unintentionally Halloweeny

Riley and I used post Wonderful Wednesdays (Riley) and Fantastic Fridays (Caitlin) on our food blog Kitchen Grrrls. We have decided to pick it up again and try it out on Streets Ahead Style because we enjoy it and hope you will too!

These posts will give us space to share some of things we are currently loving in a fast and fun way. There will be no particular theme just fantastic and wonderful things we are digging lately. It will also give you a glimpse into our tastes and interests.

Viva Moz
Hand made vegan acrylic sweater... honoring The Smiths (my favorite band ever). I desperately need this!

Betsey Johnson
Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love skeletons, spiders, and creepy things all year round but now is the time when those kinds of things are plentiful. This necklace would be perfect for me. I love Betsey Johnson's spider-y accessories. 

Scrumptious Delight
Another amazing halloween-y thing. A toaster pop-shaped pillow! Ah, so cute!

Shleee Polish
Well, this took an unintentionally halloweeny turn so I thought I would go with it. This is Shleee Polish's Halloween 2013 Collection. I ordered these as soon as I saw Ashley's pictures on IG. Skulls and pumpkins and glitter, oh my! They are currently en-route and we will post our manicures with these polishes as soon as we adorn our nails with these polishes!

Stay Streets Ahead,

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