Lumina Lacquer Summer Town

Friday, September 27, 2013

For this manicure, I wanted to do something different. I usually like to be all matchy-matchy with my base polish and glitter topper (in an obvious way) but I thought I would test my pairing skills. So, test I did! I used OPI Just Spotted the Lizard with Lumina Lacquer Summer Town.... AND IT TURNED OUT BEAUTIFULLY! 

Ring from Forever 21 ages ago!

The gold/green duochrome that OPI Just Spotted the Lizard offers really complimented the black and pink of Lumina Lacuqer Summer Town in a fun and classy way. I wasn't expecting this to be a match made in heaven but sure enough I loved it even more than I could have imagined. 

I dabbed on quite a bit of Lumina Lacquer Summer Town to ensure an even and dense coverage. Application was pretty easy (I thinned Summer Town with some Seche Restore because I found it a little too thick for my liking initially) but some of the hex glitters did curl and the large glitters did stick off quite a bit (I had to use 3 coats of top coat to ensure a relatively smooth surface). Overall, I love the way this manicure turned out - I think I need to pull out this OPI more often as undies!

Bracelet is by Betsey Johnson, "Flights of Fancy" Pink Glitter Bangle

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