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Monday, September 2, 2013

We hope everyone in North America is having a lovely long weekend, and to everyone else we a Happy Monday! Today we want to share one of our new favourite indie polish makers with you: SHLEEE POLISH! I came by Shleee Polish through Instagram a few months ago (which is when the line launched - early June) and I am so happy I did. I have fallen completely in love with Shleee Polish after having purchased almost 15 polishes by now (#officiallyobsessed). The maker behind this polish is a total sweetheart and a creative genius. Shleee Polishes are so incredibly complex and multi-dimensional: between color-shifting shimmer, glitter, holo, and pigmented goodness, these polishes are some of the best I have ever come by (seriously, you need to buy one - or 5 - now!). Let's just say that Shleee Polish might be in my top 5 polish brands right now. 

Without further ado... here are some bottle shots and macros of the Shleee Polish YES Collection which was released on August 2nd 2013. (We are hoping to have mani pictures/swatches posted over the next few weeks!) Unfortunately, three of the polishes shown here are sold out but there are two left (which you should buy ASAP!): Starship Trooper and Perpetual Change

I don't think I could pick a favourite because I love them all so much. I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these polishes. The glitter topcoats (Perpetual Change and Starship Trooper) are so complex and the glitters themselves are flat-laying and smooth. The other three polishes have excellent coverage and are also amazingly complex and oh so pretty! I am predicting big things for Shleee Polish so you should get in on these awesome, mostly Limited Edition polishes before they become even more elusive and in demand. 

Shleee Polish is currently sold through the Shleee Polish Etsy Shop. Ashley offers worldwide shipping at very reasonable rates so everyone can enjoy! If you do decide to buy something from Shleee Polish, tell her we sent you ;) We're spreading the polish love! And we really love Shleee Polish! 

Shleee Polish links:  Store  //  Facebook  //  Instagram

(Ashley often offers discount codes which she publicizes on FB and IG so follow, follow, follow!)
L-R: Siberian Khatru, Heart of the Sunrise, Perpetual Change, And You and I, Starship Tropper

Siberian Khatru
Heart of the Sunrise
Perpetual Change
And You and I
Starship Trooper

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