CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly + OPI A Roll In the Hague {Halloween 2013 Mani #2}

Sunday, October 20, 2013

CrowsToes Shoot the Butterfly is a gorgeous polish and it also happens to be perfect for Halloween. I couldn't resist pairing this polish with OPI A Roll In the Hague. 

I contemplated layering Shoot the Butterfly over a black but decided to apply 2 generous coats over my top coat. I think it gave a chunkier appearance than I would have liked so I will definitely wear it over a black polish next time. But for such a densely packed jelly polish, Shoot the Butterfly has a lovely formula and wears very well. 

I thought, for old times sake, I would share Shoot the Butterfly with some butterfly hair clips. REMEMBER BUTTERFLY HAIR CLIPS?! So much nostalgia. I would wear like 10 in my hair at one time back in the day. I loved them. I love CrowsToes. Butterflies rule!

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