Shleee Polish Descension and Ascension

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is probably one of my favourite nail designs I've done in a while. I had been getting a little tired of just nails with sparkle top coats or tri-accents so I wanted to try something different. The glitter duo Descension and Ascension by Shleee Polish is amazing and was the inspiration for this design.

I first applied OPI's Play the Peonies as I thought the shimmery white complimented the shimmer base of the two Shleee polishes quite well. Next, I used those paper reinforcer things as a guide for OPI's Mermaid Tears. Ascension and Descension were applied to the lower half of the nail.

I seriously loved this mani, as noted previously, and have to say I was really proud of it :) 
It's the little things!

Yayayayayay. That's all folks!

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