MAC Exclusive Event Lipstick

Friday, November 8, 2013

We picked up two lipsticks from MAC's Divine Night Collection earlier this week. We had to pick these puppies up in store as they are currently sold out online. So, if you're interested definitely get out there and search the stores! :)

Can MAC please make their packaging look like this from now on?
I love the look of the gold with the black - super classy if you ask me - but then again I'm more of a gold lady rather than a silver fan.

Exclusive Event is a really unique colour. It might scare some people off but I absolutely adore it. You must put aside any reservations you might have about the colour because chances are it will look great if not super cool.

The colour is kind of a grayed out light brown. I think it totally suits November in my opinion.

I took some inspiration from the 90s and applied a slightly darker lip liner when I wore this and I didn't hate it, hehe. It wasn't too extreme so it worked.

Have you checked out the Divine Night Collection?

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