Friday, January 31, 2014

Shleee Polish Flame Princess

Flame Princess by Shleee Polish is a really pretty pinky-red with gold flakies. It's a classy but fun take on the traditional red nail look.

I used 2 coats for the pictures and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I really enjoyed wearing this polish and, if you think you might too, it's still available in the Shleee Polish Etsy Shop

This mani is actually from October so it was the perfect Autumnal polish for jumping around in the leaves and stuff. I miss Fall right now, especially with freezing cold, blizzard-y weather. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

China Glaze Endless Summer + Chaos & Crocodiles Glitternomb

Endless Summer from the China Glaze Summer 2013 collection is one awesome polish. It's so vibrant it seems to glow. The combination of Endless Summer with Glitternomb from Chaos & Crocodiles made for one bright set of nails. 

The colours in Glitternomb go perfectly with Endless Summer. There are grey-blue, pale green, and hot pink hexes and circles of various sizes plus hearts and holographic sparkle. I didn't realize how well the two would go together until I applied Glitternomb and then I was like "Wow!"

You can check out Chaos & Crocodiles shop here but unfortunately Glitternomb is no longer available. Keep an eye out for restocks and more fun polishes.

Monday, January 27, 2014

CrowsToes Love Stinks

Love Stinks from CrowsToes is part of the 2013 Valencrows Collection. I love this collection! I love the anti-Valentine's day sentiment behind it, but even more I love how it still manages to be a really pretty, Valentines-appropriate set of polishes (does that make sense? haha).

The shimmer in this polish! I cannot even begin to describe it. It's magical on the nail in just 2 coats. I will be wearing this polish a lot. I might need to find appropriate undies for it so as not to use it up completely.

I honestly could never have enough pink polishes, especially cool-toned pinks. This is one of my personal favorites. CrowsToes always comes out with really interesting and unique polishes so I am hoping for another Valentine-inspired collection for this year.

You can see the blue-shimmer in this shot. But it also leans purple. Blurple shimmer, perhaps?

Ahh, and a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, January 24, 2014

OPI A-Piers To Be Tan and Color Club Cosmic Fate

Holographic polish is always a great way to add a little something special to your nails. I thought the peachy holographic Cosmic Fate by Color Club would compliment OPI's A-Piers to be Tan so I just free-handed some lines and stuff. 

If you want a neater look you can always use tape to section off your nail but I felt like living on the edge a bit. Haha. I had to get Caitlin to help me out with my right hand, though. I wasn't feeling that risky. 

I love linear holographic polishes and Cosmic Fate is quite unique in colour so I think I'll be bringing it back out soon.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shleee Polish A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E

If you read our blog, it's no secret that we love Shleee Polish. I happened across the creator's Instagram in mid-2013 and just fell in love with her polishes after trying them last year. The creator is a big Lady Gaga fan, like myself... which means Lady Gaga inspired polishes!!

Here is A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E (it's still available, and on sale)! Inspired by the album artwork for the Applause single, this polish features primary colours and holographic shimmer. It's really fun because it's so different. I chose to wear it over China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle. Riley and I are going to see Gaga herself in July so I will definitely be wearing this glitter topper to the ArtRave Art Pop Ball!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OPI A-Piers To Be Tan

I love this polish. It's OPI's A-Piers To Be Tan from their San Francisco collection. Personally, if I was this tanned I think I'd have a serious case of melanoma. 

I was afraid that I wouldn't like this colour on me but I actually like it quite a bit. I think it's because it's a nice warm brown and it's also deep enough that it doesn't feel frumpy.

Rather than reminding me of a tan it reminds me of a caramel apple. I think it's the perfect caramel colour. Luckily, I'm able to hold myself back from nibbling on my finger nails. 

Application is a breeze and just look at how glossy it is without a top coat! I have applied two coats of polish in these photos. You might be able to get away with one but I think it's best to go with two.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

OUTERBRIDGE Jewelry Smiley Band Ring

In the last post, I was wearing a little happy face ring (bonus points if you noticed). That lovely little ring is from OUTERBRIDGE Jewelry. We were lucky enough to win it through a giveaway.

The "Smiley Band Ring" is plated in 14K gold. I love the look of this ring. It reminds me of those rings you would win in vending machines but plated in gold for a more mature yet fun look.

The rings are made in L.A. by Alexandra Outerbridge. I love all of her jewelry and am so happy to have this piece. You can also get these rings in silver or rose gold and there are other faces if you're not into the smile!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Purple Rain over China Glaze Creative Fantasy

There are polishes that are pretty and then there are polishes that blow your mind, leaving you to stare at your nails every spare minute of the day. If you haven't guessed already, Purple Rain by Colors by Llarowe falls into the latter category. 

A deep purple jelly with intense teal/blue/blurple shimmer... YES PLEASE! The way the shimmer catches the light is hard to describe and definitely hard to capture in pictures but I think these pictures do a pretty good job of showing off the shimmer.

Since I didn't want to use up Purple Rain as it's a jelly and would probably require at least 3 coats on it's own, I opted to layer it over China Glaze Creative Fantasy which is the perfect base purple for Purple Rain. I used 1 coat of Creative Fantasy and 2 coats of Purple Rain.

Apparently Purple Rain is being reformulated and the new version will not look like the original. I can't imagine anything being as beautiful as the original so I am very thankful to have this polish in it's original form!

Since I can't leave good enough alone, I added some stars and diamonds (I resurrected them from a bottle of glitter polish I didn't really like and placed them with a dotting tool) which I personally LOVED! I was over the moon with this look and wore it for at least 5 days with barely any tip wear and no chipping.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shleee Polish Perpetual Change

I haven't worn a glitter topper in a loooong while and Perpetual Change by Shleee Polish was a great one to help me get back into the glittery swing of things. It is truly beautiful.

It has holographic moons, diamonds, and small squares as well as metallic purple hexes in a shimmer base that shifts green. Yeah, it's that awesome.  

I was having difficulty deciding which colours to pair it with but once I saw Butter London "Poole" and Flower Beauty "I Lavendare You" I knew I had found my pairings. 

Some people might find these nails springy while others might find them frosty. Either way, they're pretty! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

piCture pOlish Monroe

Marilyn Monroe. Who doesn't love her? Monroe by piCture pOlish truly captures the beauty and class of the tragic yet beautiful icon. 

This polish applied like a dream. Two easy coats with the amazing piCture pOlish brush. I love this brush! Also, these pictures show Monro with no top coat!!! It's so naturally glossy and shiny - it's almost hard to believe how awesome this polish is. 

I wore this polish for 5 days without any chipping and barely any tip wear. I have a HUGE crush on the piCture pOlish formula and brush... and this color in particular. If you have yet to check out piCutre pOlish, you best be doing so because you are in for a total treat for your nails.