CrowsToes Love Stinks

Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Stinks from CrowsToes is part of the 2013 Valencrows Collection. I love this collection! I love the anti-Valentine's day sentiment behind it, but even more I love how it still manages to be a really pretty, Valentines-appropriate set of polishes (does that make sense? haha).

The shimmer in this polish! I cannot even begin to describe it. It's magical on the nail in just 2 coats. I will be wearing this polish a lot. I might need to find appropriate undies for it so as not to use it up completely.

I honestly could never have enough pink polishes, especially cool-toned pinks. This is one of my personal favorites. CrowsToes always comes out with really interesting and unique polishes so I am hoping for another Valentine-inspired collection for this year.

You can see the blue-shimmer in this shot. But it also leans purple. Blurple shimmer, perhaps?

Ahh, and a few more for your viewing pleasure.

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