Illamasqua Baptiste + Shleee Polish Color of the Year

Monday, February 3, 2014

Right now I am loving these nails. Purple has always been my favourite colour (except for that weird phase where it was orange) and these nails totally speak to that love.
Normally I'm really not a big fan of glitter toppers. I tend to find that they make my shorter nails feel really chunky, however, that's not at all the case here. The glitters lie flat on the nail and compliment the base colour wonderfully.

Baptiste is a GORGEOUS purple on it's own and I love how deep it is; combining it with Color of the Year makes for some pretty captivating nails, in my opinion. Baptiste is truly the perfect base colour.

Color of the Year consists of various sized holographic circle glitters of various shades of purple.
I love it!

Color of the Year was an exclusive shade that isn't for sale but Shleee Polish sells many exquisite polishes (obviously we're fans) so you can check out her shop here

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