Color Club Over the Moon + Tarina Tarantino Desert Skull Bracelet

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blue! Aside from pinks, I love blue polishes. Color Club Over the Moon is an amazing budget friendly holographic (blue) polish. It also happens to match perfectly with my Tarina Tarantino Desert Skull Bracelet (which I love to death).

In the sunshine this polish is so intensely holographic, you can hardly believe it. 

The other great thing about this polish is that it still looks beautiful even in the shade/not in direct light. I am hoping this polish will bring back the blue skies :)


  1. Incredible swatch!
    your nails are beautiful! and i love your blog
    Would you follow mine

    would mean so much to me

    1. Thanks Kiara. We hope you will follow our blog as we are now following yours :)


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