Lynnderella HeartSpring and Enchanted Polish Serendipity

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

HeartSpring by Lynnderella is the perfect polish for this time of year in our part of the world. Warming yet still snowy and cool. Pink and blue, red and aqua. Hearts and snowflakes. Climate in a polish bottle.

What I love about this combination of Lynnderella Heart Spring and Enchanted Polish Serendipity is the way the pink, red, and aqua play together with the yellow. Such a gorgeous combination that brings out the best of both the base and glitters.

Here you can really see the pink shimmer in both Serendipity and HeartSpring!


I love snowflake glitters - they're so cute and I would totally wear them on my nails year round even though I kind of loathe the real thing.

This mani is really special to me because it's so pretty and delicate. I won't want to take it off, at all!

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