Shleee Polish Sample Mania (Icy Princess Polar/Vortex Nails)

Monday, March 3, 2014

The weather here has been so icy and freezing cold even though it's March. These nails look about as icy and cold as it feels, temperature-wise. I love this mani but not the weather.

Both of these polishes are Shleee Polish samples which I purchased in her etsy shop when she offered Mystery Sample Grab Bags back in December. I LOVE BOTH POLISHES! Sadly, I broke the polish worn on top (iridescent diamonds and gorgeous stuff) right before I took these pictures. I SCREAMED! Mostly because the polish broke and it was a sample, never to be made again. Oh well. That's the life of a polish addict, I suppose. Glass bottles are precarious and prone to breakage, kind of like our nails themselves.


  1. Ohhh I love the glittery color. I think this would be so much fun too if paired for another color. Maybe do the two glittery color for your index and middle finger, and do the rest in black? That way when you throw up a peace sign, you'll be all glitter and peace LOL

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    1. Totally!! I love the peace sign idea :) Peace, love, and glitter!

  2. I absolutely love the finish and details of this polish. Looks amazing on your nails :)
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