MAC Lipstick in Glam

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This is Glam from MAC a discontinued lipstick brought back through MAC by Request. I'm glad we got our paws on it this time around because I'm pretty sure I wasn't into high-end makeup when it first came out. 

This is a gorgeous bright pink-red with excellent staying power. It lasted me from around 12 noon until 8 at night. Obviously with some fading but it was relatively even fading which is good. No one likes the ring of lipstick left on your lips. It is a matte but there is a definite sheen to it. Not intense but it isn't a full-on matte. While it does perform like a matte in that it has excellent staying power, it doesn't act like one in that my lips weren't insanely dry as a result of wearing it.

This is just one of those boo-boo photos but I thought it looked pretty cool so I thought I'd include it.

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