Springtime Nails - Inspiration Easter Eggs

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring is here and although it still might not feel like it, I'm in the Springtime mood. Just look at those nails! They make me really happy :D

But seriously. When is it going to warm up and feel like Spring? Warmer weather would really make me happy but I'll take what I can get because I'm here and life's what you make it.
For such light nails this post just got really deep, LOL. 

These nails are so simple but I just can't help but love them. Starting at the pinky and working my way along: Revlon Lily, Revlon Minted, Zoya Pippa, China Glaze Peachy Keen, and OPI Sparrow Me the Drama.

On the right you can see my striped oil slick-type pants. I love those too. Haha. I thought the colours in them worked really well with my nails. It was a lucky coincidence. 

MINI EGGS! Almost as pretty on the eyes as my nails ;)

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