Formula X Infinite

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This polish had a lot of promise. It is a nice polish and in the right light it is really beautiful (like in the above photo) but I have a few issues with it. 

Okay, firstly the colour, it's a deep burgundy-purple with a warm shimmer. 

Secondly, my issues with it. I found that this polish to be a little thick plus it bubbled. After I applied each coat and it had time to dry bubbles appeared. That can be frustrating but the good thing is that they more or less disappeared with the application of a top coat. Okay so not so bad but...

I found this polish to be a little disappointing from how it appears in the bottle. It falls a little flat. The beautiful shimmer that makes this polish a stunner is really only evident in certain lighting, otherwise it just looks like a dark burgundy polish. But it is a nice shade so maybe not such a bad thing either?

I like this polish I just wish for a little more pizzazz.

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