Lynnderella Put a Poodle On It Advent 12-20-13

Monday, May 12, 2014

Time for a Lynnderella LE pic spam post! Today I'm wearing Put A Poodle On It over Butter London Molly Coddled

This glitter topper is just so gorgeous as it's primarily pink and white glitters of varying shapes and sizes with the odd black bow thrown in here and there. 

I really love the way this polish looked over a soft lilac - super feminine and fun.

While I seriously love this polish in theory, I found it to be one of the drier glitters I've worn in recent history. The glitters themselves were seemingly thick and even with a thick coat of gelous and a generous amount of Seche Vite, it didn't look as smooth and glossy as I would have liked my glitter mani to look. 

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