Cult Nails You're My Dandylion

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cult Nails You're My Dandylion is a really great yellow. Unfortunately, I didn't find the polish to be a stunner formula-wise. It was a bit on the thick side and it started chipping after one day of wear. I was very disappointed. For such a bright, cheery colour, this polish made me very sad. OMG just kidding! I don't actually get that upset about polishes performing poorly. There also appears to be a slight shimmer to the polish when you look at the bottle but it doesn't translate to the nail.

I used to have an aversion to yellow polishes. I never thought they would look very good with my skin tone but I'm realizing that isn't the case. 

The photos make the polish look a little deeper than it is in real life, especially the last photo. But it is quite cheery and bright for sure! Just picture it a little lighter. 

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