Picture Polish - Demeter

Monday, October 20, 2014

Direct sunlight
I meant to post this polish the first day of Autumn as Demeter is the goddess of the harvest (I did not know this prior to trying this polish) but time passed me by and it went un-posted. But I am determined to post this before it is winter (eeek!) and so here I am doing just that!

Under direct sunlight

It's a deep, chocolate brown with holographic shards. The shards end up appearing just like silver glitter most of the time, unless the light hits it just right. I didn't mind because it's a beautiful colour. It made me want chocolate all the time though :)

I don't usually go for browns. I'm not sure what it is about them that I don't exactly like but maybe this polish has changed that?!  

In shade
This polish applied well and lasted for a whole week with little chipping or tip wear. I was very impressed and didn't really have an urge to change it. 

In sunlight
Aww the Autumn sun is so beautiful! Hope you're having a nice Autumn season.

You can purchase Picture polish here or here or here.

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