Chaos & Crocodiles Silent Wings and Black Ops

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Silent Wings from Chaos & Crocodiles is a pretty insane flaky topper. And I think the insanity level is maximized when it is placed over Black Ops, also from Chaos & Crocodiles. 

I feel like I have some kind of reptile/anphibian/insect scales on my nails and while the may be slightly disturbing to think of, it looks pretty cool.

Silent Wings is a multichrome flaky top coat. It has a whole lot of action going, burgundy, copper, blue. It's magic. 

Please excuse the lack of clean-up happening, I wanted to get pictures ASAP becasue currently I do not have any nail files ready and waiting for me on the computer. 

Silent Wings is from the Dreaming of Dragons Collection and is unfortunately sold out at the Chaos & Crocodiles online shop.

But maybe it'll come back in stock, here?

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