Lynnderella Funderland + B.A. Whizard, II over Sally Hansen Pool Party

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sally Hansen Pool Party

Isn't it great when you squash a polish lemming? For me, both of these polishes were major lemmings for a long time. I knocked them both off my wish list last month. Then I decided to wear them together for a perfectly wintry yet bright look!

Sally Hansen Pool Party Sally Hansen Pool Party

Lynnderella Funderland is the multi-glitter worn on my index and middle fingers. It has a frosty/shimmery base that accents the pastel and neon glitters really nicely. There are circles, stars, hexes and snowflakes in this mix. I wore Funderland over three coats of Sally Hansen Pool Party which is a sheer frosty greeny-blue. While it was sheer, it built up nicely and paired really well with the Lynnderella glitter. As for Funderland itself, like all Lynns, it applied really well in one dabbed-on coat. I had to do a little bit of glitter placement but not too much. Funderland is an Limited Edition polish which is no longer available as it was part of 2013's Advent collection.

Sally Hansen Pool Party

The Lynnderella on my ring and pinky fingers is B.A. Whizard, II which was a Special Edition numbered polish. It is no longer available and I scored it second-hand in a Facebook group. Yipee! I wore 1 coat of Whizard over 3 coats of Sally Hansen Pool Party. This micro-glitter is tops! It spread perfectly. Super even, super smooth application. It's just so sparkly and pretty! I finished this mani off with 1 coat of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze on all my nails. It's my new go-to glitter top coat. No more doubling up on Seche or Gelous. This baby smooths glitters like no other top coat I've ever used.

Sally Hansen Pool Party

You can purchase Lynnderella polishes at their eBay store. I found Sally Hansen at CVS for $0.79! And Glitter Glaze is available directly from Girly Bits (seriously, buy it!).


  1. This looks gorgeous! Slaying a lemming is the best feeling. :)


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