Lynnderella My Little Unicorn Gradient

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labour/Labor Day! The inspiration for this manicure comes from the talented @mszgenevieve on Instagram. If you follow our blog, you know that nail art is rather uncommon around here. Give me glitter and I'm a happy camper. But, sometimes, I get ambitious and adventurous. Today was one of those days. 

I started with a white base on all my nails and used about 20 different OPIs, China Glazes and even an Elevation Polish to create the gradients on each nail. For this laborious task I used a makeup sponge and followed this tutorial from The Nail Polish Challenge.

Finally, I finished off the gradient with My Little Unicorn from Lynnderella. This was a Special Edition from 2013 so it's no longer available but definitely around the internet by way of blog sales, etc. This hid any imperfections in the gradient by distracting the eye with GLITTER!

While the results are far from perfect, I am pretty happy with the outcome and smile every time I look at my nails. That's the point of nail polish, right?! Anyway, if you have time to spare definitely try a gradient. It was worth it but I don't think I will do another one anytime soon (hehe). 

Since I have to disappoint you by telling you this Lynnderella is Special Edition and no longer available, here is a pretty glitter macro. 

Other Lynnderellas which are equally as beautiful are available on eBay and Storenvy.

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