Lynnderella You Pink of Mint!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Long time no posts, readers! Life at the Streets Ahead home has been hectic to say the least. Between job-hunting, school, caring for family, interviews, etc... the blog has been neglected. But, here we are with a gorgeous Lynnderella shimmer polish (aka Shimmerella) called You Pink of Mint! 

You Pink of Mint! is a described as a pink-, red- and green-shimmered pastel mint creme with a pink glow. Accented with iridescent pink flakes. It is designed as layering polish with the intention of maximizing shimmer. Well, we don't follow rules so I wore this on it's own in 3 coats with top coat. Personally, it's so elegant and ethereal on its own, I can't imagine layering it. Very fresh and it would work well in spring or wintertime. 

Lynnderella polishes can be purchased on eBay or Storenvy. I believe this is no longer available but it might pop up one or two more times for auction.

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