Cuter Cuticles Review Oil and Barrier Butter

Monday, December 21, 2015

For every polish lover, Winter can be a rough time. Personally, my cuticles get gross and my hands get super dry which is NOT cute. So, when I learned that there was a new Canadian indie maker with a line of nail and hand care products I was shamelessly excited.

Cuter Cuticles Review Oil and Barrier Butter

I've been using Cuter Cuticles products for about 3 months now. Made in Ontario by Sammy, Cuter Cuticles offers cuticle oils (pen and roller ball) and barrier butters... and of course lots of other goodies but I've only tried the oils and butters. Let's start with the oils: rich and heavily scented, these oils definitely hydrate my cuticles! I will admit that the scents I chose (Bubblegum, Gingerbread Latte, Orange Creamsicle Cupcake and Peach) were a bit too cloying for my liking but the oil product itself is wonderful. I can definitely say that Cuter Cuticles oils have helped keep my nails hydrated, strong and stopped peeling almost completely.

Onto the Barrier Butter, I grabbed Vanilla Bergamot, Vanilla Chai, Blackberry Raspberry and Vanilla, Red Fizz and Pink Sugar. I know these are advertised as a cuticle creme but I actually have been using them as a hand moisturizer. The Barrier Butters definitely do the trick for dry hands and cuticles. I slather this stuff on before bed and anytime during the day when my hands feel dry. I really like this product but, again, I find the scents to be too much for my delicate nose. I do really like the Barrier Butter but I will definitely get unscented in the future because I found the scented butters to be waaaay too sweet smelling.

Cuter Cuticles offers affordable nail care products with cheap shipping and friendly service. Definitely check out this brand if your hands get as dry as mine in the winter!

Cuter Cuticles Review Oil and Barrier ButterCuter Cuticles Review Oil and Barrier Butter

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