Girly Bits - Yabos & Witch I'm Fabulous!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

CHRISTMAS EVE! How are you here already? I'll stop asking questions and enjoy. We wish all of you a super happy merry christmas... and sparkly nails. What better way to celebrate than with the prettiest nail polish of 2015?

Okay, so this smoky purple creme you see here is the fabulous Yabos from Girly Bits. I don't think I've ever applied a nicer creme polish in my life. It's smooth, easy to apply, no pooling, no streaking and it's just so darn pretty. I also love the name because of the Hocus Pocus reference. 

(Yes, I know this is Halloween territory but I don't play favorites on Christmas)

But onto the big guns... LOOK AT THIS SPARKLY, FLAKIE, SHIMMERY, HOLOY GOODNESS! This is ONE COAT of Witch I'm Fabulous! over Yabos. For the record, this is my favourite nail look of 2015. I don't even know how this polish exists, it's so perfect. 

For these pictures, I'm wearing 2 coats of Yabos and 1 coat of Witch I'm Fabulous! with top coat. 

Girly Bits polishes are available here. Follow Girly Bits on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Such beautiful swatches! I love this collection so much. 💜


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