Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Shimmering Sandcastles

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I need to get to the beach ASAP. It is so cold and dark here in Toronto. It doesn't help that I'm up before 6AM every day for work. However, I love my (new!) job and the brutal commute it totally worth it for the time being. Speaking of my new job, this was the nail polish I wore on my first day!

Shimmering Sandcastles was the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer half of the Surf & Sand Destination Duo collaboration with Ellagee. Shimmering Sandcastles is just so delicate and beautiful and my pictures don't capture how complex it is in real life. The Mercurial Magpie has a really awesome macro so you can see what I mean. I wore 2 coats with a glossy top coat, no application issues whatsoever and this polish wears really well! One of my new faves.

You can purchase these Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer here. Follow Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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  1. Great choice for a first day! I just got BEGL Sugar Plum Siren and it is a version of this with red-green duochrome shimmer!


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