Fiendish Fancies - Love Bites Collection

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Love Bites Collection is inspired by Immortal Love. How romantic! These polishes might fall under the Anti-Valentine's Day aesthetic but they are all so gorgeous, it's hard to choose my favorite.
I am wearing 3 coats in all photographs plus top coat. These polish are so smooth with a fast-drying formula. I am, yet again, amazed by how wonderful Fiendish Fancies polishes are in terms of beauty and performance. If you haven't tried any, the time is now! I think this might be my favorite collection to date!

(I also apologize in advance for my cut up fingers - I keep forgetting to wear gloves outside)

This is Your Wilderness - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense gold and amber rainbow sparkle. Inspired by the reflection of golden light on alabaster skin.

Love Holds You To Me - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense green and teal rainbow sparkle. Inspired by the anguish and envy of a child who’ll never grow up.

It’ll Be You And Me - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense pink and berry rainbow sparkle and blue flash. Inspired by the love for a girl who’s not a girl.

Love Confounded Her - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense red rainbow sparkle. Inspired by a mother’s immortal love.

Forever and Ever - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense blue and teal rainbow sparkle. Inspired by the fleeting companionship of an immortal temptress.

The Night, It's Deafening. - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense purple rainbow sparkle with pink and blue flash. Inspired by indigo twilights and the power of love defying familial bonds.

These polishes are now available in the Fiendish Fancies shop as individual bottles or a set
UNTIL FEBRUARY 14, 2016: Get a free bottle of our Hot Rod red crème (She’s Real Sensitive) with the purchase of the Tainted Love collection. (5 ml or 15 ml, based on your purchase.) 

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