Guest Post from Polished Pathology: Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Ella Ann Cosmetics Store Exclusive Swatch and Review

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Caitlin here: I am SO stoked to have Jenne from Polished Pathology on the blog today! Enjoy :)

Hey guys! Today I am part of a fun idea called 'The Switching Post'! It is the bran child of Boomshakalacquer, where a group of bloggers get together and switch posts! Today I am switching with this lovely gal, and I couldn't be more excited! A little bit about me: I'm in my early 30's and am working as a Pathologists' Assistant. That's where my name comes from, my love for beauty products and pathology! I live with my boyfriend and dog in the frigid tundra of Minnesota, but we do get outside a few days a year when it hits above 50 ;) I have a pretty amazing life, and blogging is a fun outlet for me to explore my love of beauty products! Ok, let's get to the polishes! :)

  pink OPNL Pink Stole OPNL Pink Stole
Formula/Application: No issues to report Coverage: Glitter topper Color: Pink glitter topper with iridescent flakies and pink holographic glitter Finish: Glitter topper Notes: I really wanted to show off the color, so I did two coats over white. I love how delicate it is! I know it will be a very versatile topper.

tannre OPNL A Tanner Darkly OPNL A Tanner Darkly
*Holo shot - not color accurate
Formula/Application: Went on smooth and lovely, no issues to report Coverage: Opaque in two coats Color: Beige Finish: Linear holo Notes: This isn't the most beautiful on my skin tone, but I don't care. I love beige/taupey/nude colors like this one. I can wear it on its own, or use it as a base for nail art!

razz OPNL Razz Hands OPNL Razz Hands  
*Holo shot - not color accurate
Formula/Application: Great formula and application! Coverage: Opaque in two coats Color: Raspberry Finish: Linear holo Notes: Such a gorgeous color! This is a must color in any collection, the berry color will go so well on multiple skin tones

    pasta OPNL Pasta Azul OPNL Pasta Azul  
*Holo shot - not color accurate
Formula/Application: No issues to report Coverage: Opaque in two coats Color: Cerulean linear holographic with blue holographic shimmer Finish: Linear holo shimmer Notes: I couldn't get a good shot of the shimmer, but holy WOW that holo! It's a stunning, very vibrant color!

  So, what did you guys think of the Ella Ann OPNL Store Exclusives? These are still available for pre-order here ($13 per bottle). US orders over $50 will have shipping refunded to them! What are you waiting for, go check them out!


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