Fiendish Fancies - A Mother's Love Collection {Feature 10}

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello! Today we are sharing with you the latest from Fiendish Fancies which is their Mother's Day Collection for 2016: A Mother's Love. This is a set of 6 speckled pastel crèmes inspired by films about the pitfalls of nurturing “difficult” children. All of these polishes are shown with three thin coats and top coat. The formula was really good as with most Fiendish Fancies! 

F.10-01: You’re Gonna Kill Me, Norman is a pastel peach speckled creme inspired by the most famous horror-movie mother of all, in her early days as the matron of the Bates Motel.

F.10-03: She Needs Special Food is a pastel golden yellow speckled crème inspired by the eating habits of zombie baby Grace.

F.10-04: All of Them Witches is a pastel blue speckled crème inspired by the satanic patronage of Rosemary’s Baby.

F.10-05: Look What You Did To Him is a pale dove grey speckled crème inspired by a mother’s weekday vengeance.

F.10-02: Don’t Go in The Closet is a pastel mauve speckled crème inspired by creepy little girls and their Mama.

F.10-06: All I Ever Wanted Was You is a pastel mint green speckled crème inspired by a supernatural spirit’s seven-day curse and the mothers who tried to stop her.

My favorite from the collection is All I Ever Wanted Was You. It reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream and it's got this pastel/neon quality that I really dig.

These polishes are now available in the Fiendish Fancies shop as individual bottles or a set. You can follow Fiendish Fancies on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more swatches. 

Products were provided for our honest review.

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