Holo Microglitter Rainbow Skittle Nails!

Monday, June 20, 2016

I have way too much nail polish. I will admit that with shame (and maybe a little pride). So, in order to get through my massive pile of untrieds I wore a rainbow skittle manicure with all my holo microglitter polishes (AKA liner holos with microglitter/flakies). 

Thumb: (Not pictured) Fire by Gliten & Glow (an exclusive from The Holo Hookup). I'm holding that bottle. 
Index: Light the Way by Indigo Bananas (I wore it as a full manicure)
Middle: I'm Not Saying It's Aliens by Emily de Molly
Ring: Human Oddity by Emily de Molly 
Pinkie: Candied Violets by Sweet Heart Polish

I would definitely wear each one of these polish on their own! I absolutely love I'm Not Saying It's Aliens which is rare for a green! It has the most amazing flakies which are so beautiful in all lighting, especially indirect. 

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