Dreamland Lacquer Out, Damned Clot! and a Little Information on ARVC

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dreamland Lacquer Out, Damned Clot!

I have a lot of red holos. I am not even a lover of red nails yet I have a lot of red holos. It's weird. Nonetheless I decided to add Out, Damned Clot! from Dreamland Lacquer to my collection (it's still available so grab a bottle).

When I ordered this polish, it was the day on which I was diagnosed with ARVC (you can watch a 53 second video here) which is a genetic heart condition that can cause sudden death. My mom has been diagnosed, my sister has been diagnosed, I have been diagnosed and my late grandmother was diagnosed and treated for ARVC before her death. It's been life-changing but at least we know now. Unfortunately, far too few people (including medical professionals) know about this condition so please educate yourself as young, active teenagers are particularly at risk of sudden death from this condition and many times it's too late by the time they are diagnosed.

Learn more about ARVC here: SADS Canada

Dreamland Lacquer Out, Damned Clot!Dreamland Lacquer Out, Damned Clot!

Hopefully I didn't bum you out too much about my heart condition. As for the polish, it's totally gorgeous and one of the juiciest red polishes I've ever worn. The holo is really intense and linear with a blue shift. It's so pretty and probably now my favorite red holographic polish. Two coats, top coat. Smooth application and great wear.   

Dreamland Lacquer Out, Damned Clot!

You can buy Dreamland lacquer here


  1. your nails look really nice here! so sad to hear about your family and this heart condition ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment Riley!


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