Supernatural Lacquer - The Devil Wears Spots

Friday, November 4, 2016

Supernatural Lacquer The Devil Wears Spots nail polish

It's always fun/dangerous to try a new brand of nail polish. I took Supernatural Lacquer for a test drive recently and I really like it! I am wearing three coats of The Devil Wears Spots plus top coat. While the formula is sheer, it's really smooth and easy to apply. It also helps the glitters to show through the layers. PLUS THE SHIMMER. I love that pinky/red shimmer against the white AND there are even iridescent glitters mixed in there. It's really quite stunning and captures the inspiration so well.

I am super impressed with Supernatural Lacquer but I'm trying really hard to not buy so much nail polish so this will probably be it for me in terms of new brands. I can't make any promises but I've cut back BIG TIME on the amount of nail polish I've been buying. I have this really weird emotional relationship to buying nail polish and right now things in my life are kind of really hard but for some reason I'm not buying polish. Usually it's what I do when I'm stressed or sad but this time it feels different. Maybe because I know pretty liquids won't help me feel better - it will take something more. A lot more. 

Supernatural Lacquer The Devil Wears Spots nail polish

Supernatural Lacquer The Devil Wears Spots nail polish

You can purchase Supernatural Lacquer here.
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