Cupcake Polish - Highlight It Up {The Holo Hookup February 2017}

Friday, July 21, 2017

If I can wear a nail polish for a week without tiring of it, I know it's a keeper. While I do consider myself a bit of a hoarder when it comes to nail polish, I am rather ruthless when it comes to critically assessing my stash and purging what I am unlikely to wear for a second time. 

As you will be able to see from the myriad of images in this post, Highlight It Up is a bit of a chameleon because of the metallic and holographic makeup of this polish. It's a super pretty, almost white linear holographic polish in the sunshine and in the shade, the metallic nature really shows as does the shimmer.

Cupcake Polish Highlight It Up is a dainty metallic linear pink/lilac linear holographic polish with pale pink (maybe pale lilac?) shimmer. See what I'm talking about in the sunshine? It's almost blinding in the politest way possible. I can imagine this being a wedding polish for those who are so inclined. It would also be very work appropriate. 

I love how Cupcake Polish took the inspiration of highlighter and turned it into a nail polish. I would much rather wear highlighter on my nails than my face. I don't wear foundation/concealer/blush so it looks a little weird if I ever do wear it on my upper cheekbones. I'm more of a mascara and eyeliner with the occasional eyeshadow look kind of person. But the translation of the inspiration into a polish is just perfect.

What I love about The Holo Hookup, month after month, polish after polish, is how innovative the creations are. And every brand involved BRINGS THE CREATIVITY. It's so hard to resist.

I know this polish was from February but I would suggest you try your luck in a resale group to see if someone has a bottle for sale. If you like light holos or are looking for a near white holo, this is for you. It isn't a white and it's not claiming to be but it's so much more that you could even dream of. Totally ethereal and whimsical.

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