My Indie Polish GJ 504B (The Pink Planet) Polish Pickup May 2017 Nail Polish Review

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

For the past year almost I have been shying away from larger glitters in the nail polishes I choose to wear. As you might recall, I was a HUGE glitter fan a few years back but sadly that life is no longer for me. However, if an indie maker can incorporate glitter in a really subtle, elegant way then I'm all in! Such is the case with My Indie Polish GJ 504B (The Pink Planet). This was (sadly) an exclusive to the Polish Pickup from May 2017 (the Science themed Pickup).

My Indie Polish The Pink Planet Canadian Indie

My Indie Polish GJ 504B (The Pink Planet) is a strawberry pink with a strong purple flash with scattered holo and glitters of various sizes, shapes, and colors (like red, orange, blue and some iridescent glitters too). I am wearing 3 coats plus top coat. This is a gorgeous, fluid polish packed with tons of goodies. I really like how the shimmer plays with the pink base and the glitters are so well done. They're very understated but make the polish really pop. While this formula is thin, that's exactly how you want it. It builds up perfectly and applies super smoothly. While they glitters do stick out a little, overall they are pretty smooth and melt well into the base. I used one layer of top coat but two would really smooth it out for regular wear. 

My Indie Polish The Pink Planet Canadian Indie

You can really see the purple shimmer in low lighting like the picture below. I really love the My Indie Polish formula - I have found it to be very consistent insofar as it's thin but very smooth, dries quickly and shiny and builds perfectly. I would love to see this polish is a blue or a variation on purple. It's just so pretty with the holo, glitters and shimmer! MMmmm!

My Indie Polish The Pink Planet Canadian Indie

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