The BEST Vegan and Cruelty Free Hand Cream EVER!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I am always on the hunt for the perfect hand cream/lotion/butter. I first learned of Cake Beauty from my days at ChickAdvisor and it was love at first try. I tried Cake Beauty's dry shampoo and use it every now and then but what really hooked me was their Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm. Let me tell you why I love this hand balm.

Cake Beauty Hand Cream Review

Cake Beauty Hand Cream Review

Cake Beauty Heavy Cream was recently reformulated with all vegan ingredients and, as with all Cake Beauty products, it's also cruelty-free. It's made with shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, and green tea extract to soothe, smooth, and hydrate dry hands and cuticles. There are no parabens, phthalates or GMOs.

Heavy Cream has a lovely vanilla scent and it's incredibly rich but not greasy. It absorbs into the skin and has a lasting impact in the drying winter months. 

I am also falling in love with Cake Beauty Milk Made Velveteen which is actually vegan as well despite there being the word milk in the name. It also has a brand new formula now with 100% vegan ingredients. It's made with oat milk concentrate to nourish, hydrate and smooth rough dry hands and cuticles. Bingo! It totally does that. 

Lastly there is Cake Beauty Desserted Island Enriched Hand Lotion which, from what I can see, is not vegan but it has a wonderful coconut scent but not the really fake coconut scent - I hate that! Desserted Island is made with shea butter to nourish, hydrate and smooth rough dry hands and cuticles; it has a silky formula that also absorbs quickly. This is my least favorite of the three hand lotion offerings from Cake Beauty but it's still beautiful. I just wish it was also vegan.

And a final word on the packaging. The 2 fl. oz is a wonderful size for my bag and it's a very thin bottle which means it doesn't make the sides of my purse bulge. I love the small nozzle that the product comes out of because it really allows you to control how much comes out. I would say a little goes a long way with these hand products. The 2 fl. oz tube is $15 CAD which is a steal for such a high quality product. I am hooked!

Cake Beauty Hand Cream Review

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